Monday, December 29, 2008

Favourite Christmas Regencies

Since it is Christmas, we thought of making a list with our favourite Christmas-Themed Regency Romances. And although in theory this sounded quite easy, and we expected to have lots of candidate books, in practice we had the problem that we have not read as many books as we initially thought, or some of those we had read were not that great to make it into the list, or some of us although they have read quite a few books they do not remember them well enough (neither had the foresight to make notes on how they liked them at the time). Despite these obstacles, we combined our efforts to make a list of Christmas themed books that we enjoyed.

This list is a work in progress. As we read (or re-read) more books, we may add or remove books from the list as neccesary. We have split the books in 2 categories: Normal (single title) Regencies with Christmas themed plots, and Christmas short stories found in Christmas Anthologies. For the short stories we decided to list individual stories, rather than a whole book, since if there is a single great story in an Anthology and the other 4 stories are mediocre, we felt it is the story that should be mentioned, rather than the whole book.

'Christmas' Regency Romances

  • Christmas Belle, by Mary Balogh (Ana T, Ioanna)

  • The Last Waltz, by Mary Balogh (Ana T.)

  • A Matchmaker's Christmas, by Donna Simpson (Ana. T)

  • Once Upon a Christmas, by Diane Farr (Ana T)

  • Cockermouth Mail, by Dinah Dean (Ana T, Ioanna)

  • Mistletoe Mayhem, by Kate Huntington (Ana T.)

  • Christmas Promise, by Mary Balogh (Ioanna)

  • Chistmas Bride, by Mary Balogh (Ioanna)

Short Stories in Regency Christmas Anthologies

Ana T.
  • The Best Christmas Ever, by Mary Balogh (A Regency Christmas III

  • The Best Gift, by Mary Balogh (A Regency Christmas VI)

  • Hounds of Heaven, by Edith Layton (A Christmas Regency VIII)
  • The Star of Bethlehem, by Mary Balogh (A Regency Christmas I)
  • Falling Stars, by Loretta Chase (A Christmas Collection)

  • The Greatest Gift, by Stella Cameron (A Christmas Collection)




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