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Lady Elizabeth's Comet - Sheila Simonson

At 28, lovely Lady Elizabeth Conway was old enough to know what she wanted-most especially in t he matter of choosing a mate. But now the independent Elizabeth found herself sorely perplexed... Her beau, the incredibly handsome and wealthy Lord Bevis was eagerly seeking her hand. Though the viscount showed no interest in Elizabeth's passion for astronomy or other intellectual pursuits, the young woman had to admit she was ever so fond of him...Then there was Lord Clanross, the insufferably opinionated and maddeningly bossy new heir to the Conway title. Still, Elizabeth had to admit she vastly admired his courage and enjoyed his brilliant mind.
It would take a new comet in the heavens to help her choose
wisely-and light her way to true love.

Lady Elizabeth Conway is an astronomer and the eldest of 8 daughters. Upon her father's death, it's a distant cousin who inherits the earldom, Tom Conway. But the new earl of Clanross doesn't seem very interested in his estates and takes a whole year to present himself to the family. When he finally arrives to the Abbey, he is not what it was expected…

Elizabeth is a very charming and strong-willed heroine. Her life is her telescope and her stars and, for once, this feels real and not just something to make the heroine look smarter or original. You can actually feel her passion and dedication to astronomy. She even refuses to marry if her profession is not accepted by her future husband. She's also independent and has a dry humor who easily makes you laugh out loud.

Tom Conway, the new earl of Clanross, prizes intelligence and education. He also cares for his family, even when he was never treated like such. A man who is not sure of himself and his appeal and yet, everyone seems under his charm. I'm not normally seduced by beta-heroes but I confess this one is absolutely marvellous.

There is no love at first sight, no initial and overwhelming attraction. When these two met the dislike is mutual. She finds him stiff and grayish. He completely disagrees with her decisions concerning her sisters education. They slowly become friends, respecting and admiring each other. We follow that relationship and it's obvious why they fall in love. We want them to be in love, there's no other way.

Sheila Simonson manages to create a very believable story and even Elizabeth's doubts and fears aren't silly or childish. We can only feel for her and expect for a happy ending.
I can say without doubts this was one of my best reads of 2008. The author's intelligent writing and attractive characters makes this book a must read for any Trad Regency fan. If you can get a copy of Lady Elizabeth's Comet, don't let it go!

Grade: 5/5


Ana T. January 2, 2009 at 2:37 PM  

Wonderful review Alex! I'll definitely put this one on my must read list.

Ioanna January 3, 2009 at 4:43 PM  

If ever I was convninced I had to read a book i had never heard of before, this is it. :)

Ana T. March 16, 2009 at 2:47 PM  

I'm currently reading this one. I'll be back to comment after I finish. :-)

Ana T. March 17, 2009 at 8:11 AM  

And I just finished! :-)
Well I really did not like Elizabeth in the beginning, very shelf assured, bordering on arrogant, manipulating people just to see the fireworks, not affected by her fiancées flirtations with other women, not even with the fact that said women could be hurt...
Fortunately all that changes when she falls head over heels in love. There's nothing like unrequited love to make characters so much more human, and for me, so much more interesting. :-)



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