Friday, December 18, 2009

Regency Chritmas Spirits - Anthology

Another Signet Christmas Anthology, the common theme here is Spirits although they can come in various forms:

The Merry Wanderer - Nancy Butler
Julia is the Lady of Islay, after the death of her father she is now the keeper of a special book that is invaluable for the fairy world. Robin is the being sent to see if she will be a good keeper or find her a husband that is. An ok read but not memorable. Grade: 3.5/5

The Wexford Carol - Emma Jensen
This one was a really nice story about a woman who is trying to keep her ancestral home in order and good repair despite the fact that it has been sold by the cousin who inherited it and the man sent by the new owner to oversee the property. Some funny secondary characters helped keeping this a light story. Grade: 4/5

High Spirits - Edith Layton
My favourite. It's not everyday we have a heroine who likes too drink a bit too much. The hero was your common rake with a good heart but the original heroine and plot with the hero trying to make the heroine sober more than made up for it. Grade: 4.5/5

The Christmas Curse - Barbara Metzger
Two ghosts can not find eternal rest while their descendant doesn't put the Lady's wedding ring on his beloved's finger. So they plot to see that happen. The descendant is Lord Worth who returned home with scars from the Peninsular War and the heroine is the widow Amelia Merriot who stays at his home to nurse two old ladies. One of the last scenes, the dinner, is a very funny comedy of errors. Grade: 4/5

A Gathering of Gifts - Andrea Pickens
Although this story was a bit predictable it made me think of Jane Austen's Emma and not only because the heroine is named Emma. She is also wilful and too used to having her own way. When an accident leaves her unable to move in a neighbour's home for a few days she has to do a bit of growing up and realise things can't always go as she wants. Grade: 4/5

Anthology grade: 4/5




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